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Monday, December 12, 2011

Miley Cyrus in a wrinkled Jenny Packham gown

Miley Cyrus in a wrinkled Jenny Packham gown
Miley Cyrus in a wrinkled Jenny Packham gown
Miley Cyrus in a wrinkled Jenny Packham gown
Miley Cyrus in a wrinkled Jenny Packham gown
Miley Cyrus was at the American Giving Awards Friday night, same as LeAnn Rimes. Now… I give Miley more credit than most people. I think she’s smarter, more self-aware and more independent than most of the Disney people put together, and Miley has really taken herself out of the famewhore game this year, and I admire that. Yes, she probably smokes pot and she probably parties more than she should, but I think it speaks volumes that she’s not falling out of clubs and being an in-our-faces party-girl. She’s partying, and for the most part, she’s partying with friends and she’s doing it quietly. She got back with Liam Hemsworth, they live together now and Miley is rarely photographed, nor does she go to the opening of an envelope anymore. I think it’s smart of her to cull her public appearances, and it’s nice that her first red carpet in months was for an event about charity work.

But… her appearance. Yikes. Much of what’s wrong is just superficial styling stuff. Miley is wearing this wrinkled Jenny Packham dress, which isn’t the right color for her. Plus, it’s a badly cut dress and the whole effect is just unflattering. I like that Miley’s not “Look at mah biscuit, y’all, check out by boobs too!” – this is conservative for her. But it’s just a bad dress overall. The biggest problem? Miley’s hair and face. Look, the girl has been smoking weed, she’s gotten munchies and she’s put on some weight. It’s not a big deal, and she still has an enviable figure. But some of the weight has gone to her face, and when that happens, ladies, the worst thing you can do is give yourself a Croydon facelift. Pulling your hair that tight just makes your face look fuller. As for Miley’s hair… she needs to take some inches off. Her hair looks really gross and damaged.

So, overall… I’m happy to see Miley, and I’m glad she came out for a good cause. But she needs a new style to go with her new curves, and she needs to find some new hair people.



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